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... An important message from Ray Smith ...

Dear Colleague,

It is becoming increasingly clear from the huge, positive response we've had to this site that there is a significant need for decent information on how to get started in 3D Game Design.

As a result of the massive response - and as a 'thank you' for visiting my site, I would like to share some information and software with you that has already been a great help to others. Previously this has only been available to students on our exclusive design courses but I'll deliver this to you by email - absolutely FREE.

Why am I giving you this information for Free? Mostly it's because I've seen so many people wasting time and money on skills and software they don't really need. Often due to lack of information or bad advice, people get overloaded in so much technical detail that their projects fail and their great game ideas never get realized.

With the excellent tools and support now available on the internet it's becoming easier to create engaging and enjoyable games. One of my missions is to provide you with access to this information so that your time is used effectively and you succeed.

Just fill out the form below and I will send you an Introduction, a 3D Game Design starter kit (including: software, sample project & tutorial) and an example game to play, all FREE so that you can see for yourself what's involved and what you could achieve.

Best Wishes ... Ray Smith

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